Scholarships, Education, & Support for Children With Special Needs in Our Community


PAUSE4kids is a volunteer run 501(c)3 Non – Profit Corporation located in Ventura County. PAUSE4kids P4kprovides information, education, and support for residents of Ventura County and nearby areas. Monies donated are used to cover overhead costs, costs associated with our lecture series, support for parents, and to provide scholarships for services to benefit children with Special Needs. P4k is a payer of last resort.

PAUSE4kids was formed in September 1999, by Keri Bowers, a parent of an autistic son. Eight parents came to P4k’s first meeting. Today, P4k serves hundreds of families in the Ventura County area. Our goal is to “fill the gaps” by helping to provide for our children with special needs and to provide information to parents/adults who have or work with children with special needs.

PAUSE4kids shares the vision of being a positive, proactive force, helping our community gain information, educate parents, and provide opportunities for parents to collaborate on behalf of children with special needs. We are determined to create better opportunities for children to enhance their lives through services and education of parents/guardians of children with special needs.

Informational Series

Chris Byers – SLP

Chris Byers has been a speech-language pathologist, working with individuals with special needs, for over 30 years. On a June 17, 2o2o Zoom, Chris will be answering pre-submitted questions on a range of topics which could include how to help your child with language understand and expression, techniques for eliciting specifie speech sounds, feeding issues, and/or how to get siblings to help.

Should time allow, questions may be taken during the session.

Please submit your specific questions to info@pause4kids.org at least 48 hours prior to the Zoom session.

Speaker: Chris Byers
Topic: Speech-Language Pathology
When: Wednesday, June17, 2020
Time: 6:00 – 7:30
Where: Zoom
Registration: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJAkdO2rrjkjHtfcFcAwkhGlkgtN4tXhss8g
RSVP & Questions: Pause4kids: info@pause4kids.org or Pause4kids