Advocacy, Education, Support and Scholarships for Children With Special Needs in Our Community.

PAUSE4kids Online Community

What is it?

The PAUSE4kids Online Community is many things-

  1. A place to ask questions
  2. A place to learn what our programs-such as our Monthly Support Group meetings, and Scholarship programs-can do to help you as a parent
  3. A place to seek help in school matters, such as IEPs and 504 Plans
  4. A place to read what others have been asking, and see they answers they found
  5. A place where you can meet and interract with other parents of Special Needs Children, and share your experiences and challenges
  6. A repository of print material, articles, and online sources for many kinds of information
  7. An Interactive Calendar, where we coordinate events, volunteers, and attendees

Most importantly, it is the center of the Community of people around PAUSE4kids, both those parents of Special Needs children, and the people offering assistance, advice, and support to them. Nearly all of our staff originally came to PAUSE4kids as a parent of a Special Needs child themselves. Now PAUSE4kids is extending our community to the internet, with all the additional opportunities for direct contact with other parents as well as professionals.

The Online Community is growing, and we have many projects in the works in addition to the features already there, including regular articles from professionals, Photo galleries from our events, and places for site members to add their own contributions to this community.