Scholarships, Education, & Support for Children With Special Needs in Our Community


PAUSE4kids provides scholarship or grant funding for programs or services for children with special needs. The Board of Directors reviews applications submitted by individual parents on behalf of their child. Due to limited funding, the maximum scholarship we can provide is $500 for a 12 month period. Detailed scholarship guidelines are below, and are also linked at the bottom of the page.

To apply for a scholarship

Please review Criteria(see criteria below). Download –  P4k_Scholarship_Criteria
Submit an Application. Download –  P4k_Scholarship
Return to us at or mail to us at:
Attention: Scholarship Committee
600 Hampshire Rd. Suite 211,
Westlake Village, CA 91361

Criteria-Who is Eligible:
• Those served by the Ventura County SELPA
• Must have a medical diagnosis, current IEP, or current 504
• Must have a financial need
• Applicant must not have been awarded the $500 maximum scholarship amount within the past 12 calendar months

Scholarships will not be awarded for:
• Medical costs
• Legal fees or costs
• Private education

Scholarship Eligibility Provisions:
• If requested service is a Regional Center provided service, we will require a denial of service letter from the Regional Center
• Scholarships will not be awarded if requested service is covered by applicants medical insurance
• No Scholarships can be awarded wherein the service provider is a member of the P4k Board of Directors

Disbursement and Tracking of Scholarship Money:
• PAUSE4kids must receive invoice directly from service provider within 180 days of notification of approval
• Invoice for scholarship award money must be sent directly from service provider
• Any scholarship award not used within 180 days of approval date will be deemed void
• Scholarship award amount: Not to exceed $500.00 per 12 month period